O2 Czech Republic

GLOBTECH has been working for O2 Czech Republic for more than 10 years. In the past GLOBTECH in cooperation with other partners implemented, for example, the development of a fixed data warehouse based on the DB Teradata platform and an ETL Informatica PowerCenter for previously Telefonica CR or the complete delivery of a data warehouse on the Microsoft SQL platform for slovak company part .

In the last three years, GLOBTECH consultants have been actively involved in the long-term Data Governance Initiative program. This program was launched in 2010 with the aim to ensure one version of the truth for the needs of financial and management reporting and for the Performance Management area and to create conditions for the further development of Business Intelligence and an efficient use of the Enterprise Data warehouse. In the first stages the GLOBTECH consultants have been involved in the structuring of this program, formulating of objectives and strategies across the initiative and in designing changes in the organization and processes in the area of BI which should eventually help to achieve the objectives.

Another output of this project was the creation of a business glossary covering all major indicators of customer data, sales data and data on the use of services, including the definitions of other dimensions and elevations with a subsequent implementation of solutions based on the Teradata platform. The designed and implemented solution integrates data from two already existing data warehouses and several other sources and a uniform implementation of business rules. In this way we were able to achieve a relatively high stability and consistency of the reported data.

Currently the GLOBTECH consultants are involved in the design and implementation of other projects in DWH which should bring significant consolidation of the DWH environment (in particular the merger of two existing data warehouse and the elimination of a number of specific and outdated data sources), simplification and acceleration of DWH performance and an overall streamlining and improvement of the quality of data in DWH taking into consideration the users’ business.