Československá obchodní banka

For our important client we are processing, apart from other solutions, also solutions stated below:

Processing of source extracts and filling of DWH targets (Data Warehouse)

  • Processing of source extracts and filling of DWH targets – ETL development (most of all in project CDS – Central data warhouse)
    • Register of economic subjects
      • FDS – Fraud detection system
        • Organizational structure
          • Finforce

Datamarts and reporting

  • Datamart PMT – Portfolio Management Tool
    • Datamart KBCALM – Risk solution – Reporting into KBC
      • Reporting for Poštovní spořitelnu
        • Tarification
          • ETL development of other datamarts


  • Mass optimization of extracts
    • Acceleration of datas load from source systems into Teradata (DWH)
      • Optimization of consolidation client
        • Optimization of runs in different datamarts in Teradata (DWH)
          • Solving processing problems

Web aplication

  • PCC – Process Control Center
    • DPM – distributional portal MIS
      • Audit Commander
        • DSA – Development Support Application


  • Control report above Informatica
    • Conectors into Informatica
      • INFA Components

Support of DWH

XML conversion