Are you looking for efficient ways to manage large volumes of data? Do you need to obtain vital information from your data to ensure effective management? Do you lack up-to-date IT systems to support your decision-making?

Thanks to our experience with a variety of products and technologies we perform analyses of business processes, data analysis and modelling, and design SW solutions. Check out our solutions.

Managing large amounts of data

We will help you to build a high-quality data warehouse. Get crucial information from your data for strategic and operational management.The most common problemsarise due to fast development, frequent acquisitions and mergers in the global environment:

  • Significant fragmentation of data and data sources into a variety of operating systems
    • Lack of information


  • Non-centralised data and missing links between entities
    • Different granularity (time and other)
      • Similarity of data in different formats or, on the contrary, superfluous or duplicate data

Our solution: Data warehouse – this is where your path from data to information starts. At the end you may find a much better customer relationship management, for example.

Business management support

We can help you to improve the quality of decision-making processes. Make decisions based on valid data and information.The most common barriers to performance management and achievement of the goals:

  • Lack or poor quality of information
    • Obsolete data
      • Different interpretation of data or information (i.e. multiple versions of one truth)

Our solution: Management Information Systems – tools supporting operational and strategic management.

Targeted use of customer data

We can help you to obtain information about customer behaviour and to work with customers in a targeted way. Learn to understand various customer groups and optimise your product portfolio for them.The most common signs of problems in this area:

  • High cost of marketing
    • Low success rate of campaigns
      • Negative customer feedback

Our solution: Business intelligence – tools for understanding the business context, profit maximisation and long-term sustainable growth.

Data quality management

We will help you to effectively manage and use your data throughout their lifecycle. Achieve and maintain high quality and security of your data, manage your metadata and entire data architecture in the best way.The most common signs of decline in the quality of data:

  • Incomplete, fragmented data (the famous “problems with data”)
    • Lack of information about the location, quality and content of data sources
      • Lacking or vaguely determined competencies and inadequate methodology
        • Increasing complexity during the implementation of changes in new projects
          • Unbalanced or declining quality of information in reports

Our solution: Data governance – defining processes ensuring continuous good care for data. The objective is to correctly display master data in real time in the selected application over the data warehouse.