Data processing administration tools

Tools for centralising activities are effective tools for the management and administration of daily data processing. They help to simplify the complex and demanding administration of large data warehouses and they help to reduce the number of IT staff.

What are the main benefits of these tools?

  • Centralised launching of various types of tasks on different technologies and monitoring of their execution.
    • Defining the dependencies and maximum parallelisation of running processes that are not dependent on each other.
      • Setting up of audit tasks with the required notifications and alerts.
        • Atomicity of individual tasks and a clear and structured definition of all dependencies in a single place, i. e. a significant simplification of the impact analysis and an easy integration of new tasks into the process.
          • Performing of all administrative interventions from the user console, i. e. rapid identification of errors in processing and their impact.
            • Administration of all configuration parameters from the user console.

GLOBTECH Launcher tool

  • GLOBTECH Launcher is a solution designed particularly for customers for whom Microsoft SQL Server technology forms a basis for their warehouse technology. In such cases GLOBTECH Launcher is the central element of the solution ensuring the definition of all tasks, maintaining metadata, taking care of launching individual tasks based on metadata and enabling easy monitoring, identification of errors and recovery.
    • The GLOBTECH Launcher application is based on a set of metadata and stored T-SQL procedures installed in the Microsoft SQL Server.
      • Metadata administration is possible through a user-friendly web interface (user console). Authorised users can create and edit tasks or directly administer their processing (monitor the course of processing, restart and launch tasks immediately, etc.).

Are you interested in GLOBTECH Launcher? Click here for detailed information (PDF file).

GLOBTECH Scheduler tool

  • GLOBTECH Scheduler is a versatile tool designed for highly heterogeneous data warehouse environments. It is built over a Java application server.
  • Process management in GLOBTECH Scheduler is based on the definition of dependencies between tasks and resources (for example, locks, files, spreadsheets, etc.). Tasks are launched as soon as their dependencies on other tasks and objects are fulfilled. Specific arrangement and parallelisation size are left to the tool responsible for the process control, the Scheduler.
  • Similarly to the GLOBTECH Launcher application, GLOBTECH Scheduler has two basic components: runtime server and user console.
  • Runtime server is an independent process (service) facilitating the execution of all tasks. It is responsible for the selection of the task to be launched (load -balancing), its launching, monitoring and statistical data collection. In this way the server can launch multiple tasks at the same time. The user Console is a unified intranet application for the management and supervision of individual processes.
  • The consoles support access in three basic roles: Administrator, Operator and User.
      • Administrator is responsible for the administration of task repositories or, as the case may be, definitions of objects.
        • Operator is responsible for the runtime databases and runtime servers operation. The operator is able to modify the current state of objects and to react to ad-hoc events (e.g. unexpected errors or blockage).
          • User’s role is only to view object definitions and the status of running processes without the possibility to change these tasks or influence their processing.

Are you interested in GLOBTECH Scheduler? Click here for detailed information (PDF file).