Extensions of technologies

Specific requirements of customers resulted in a number of extensions of current technologies. Using standard technology tools we develop our own applications and customised extensions of functionalities. In the field of transformation we always find the optimal solution according to the customer’s specification.

Oracle (DB package)

Historisation procedure Carries out various types of historisation records of any data entities through configuration tables. In addition to historisation it also unifies records.

Informatica (components)

Change Encoding Is used for the change in encoding of the input text according to a conversion table. The component can be used to change the code page or with the help of the page it is possible to carry out other table conversions, e. g. changing quotation marks to apostrophes, removing diacritics, etc.
Data Scrambling Scrambles sensitive data. The scrambling process changes certain data, such as a birth certificate number, in such way that the genuine number cannot be retrieved from the scrambled data whilst at the same time the scrambled data has the properties of the original birth certificate number. It supports scrambling of plain text, numbers, birth certificate numbers and company identification numbers.
External Conditions Processes a large number of evaluated conditions and compared to the Informatica standard components the processing speed is up to 15% higher. Another advantage is the possibility to define conditions in an external file. In this way the conditions can be easily generated automatically without the need for manual input into the designer mapping.
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External Checker Converts and checks data types on the basis of check plan defined in an external file.
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External Dedup Identifies duplicities for a determined primary key. The component is designed to be used together with the External Checker component and the primary key identification is in the check plan. The component passes only the first entry for the key to the output; the input records can be sorted or unsorted.
Consolidation Consolidates and cleans historical data and is able to perform consolidation of an entire history with the state for a certain period. Besides, the component corrects damaged historical data if intervals of record validity overlap and it simplifies them if records storing identical data follow one another in time.
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Demux Is used for direct entering of data into multiple files; the distribution into files is performed on the basis of one of the attribute.
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Merge Merges records from several sorted inputs into a single output and, unlike the Union transformation, it preserves the sorting of records.
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Generator Generates and sends new records to an output the number of which is determined by the value at the input port. Each output record contains only one integral number – its order.